Online gambling is still a relatively young industry, which has just been given the right regulatory attention for just over 20 years, despite online casinos and betting on sports.

What many people do not know is that the United Kingdom was one of the countries that led the way in establishing regulatory standards by making their own online gambling license model. The model proposed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is one that needs to look up most countries and even consider copying for licenses and managing their own jurisdiction.


Why does the UK have the ideal online gambling licenses?

  • Only licensed gaming sites can advertise on TV and in print
  • Unlawful for unlicensed gaming operators to accept British players
  • Operators are required to provide a dispute resolution for players

The UKGC is very effective in the police of their own jurisdictions and imposes heavy penalties for non-regulatory operators. The net result is that players find it difficult to register with unauthorized operators and eventually only gain access to licensed operators.

This positive result protects players indirectly from being treated unfairly, or an operator who leaves a player high and dry because they are out of jurisdiction without any claim to the player. You do not even have VS-confronted operations even British players because the laws explicitly indicate that licensing is required to accept online bets, while in the United States there are no laws that legalize online gambling other than that the payment processing is illegal. For this reason most of these companies do not take players in the UK and it makes it almost impossible for a US to face

It is for this reason that most of these companies do not take players in the United Kingdom and make it almost impossible for a US operation to operate in the UK without a gaming license ever.


Obtaining an online gambling license in the UK

Obtaining a UK license is not easy and requires a lot of time and the fee is also not cheap. UK gaming companies are required to pay 15% gaming tax.

There are a number of UK companies that have gaming in Alderney, Isle of Man or Gibraltar as a means of avoiding UK licensing, but to pay a little less game tax but still gain access to UK markets. Companies leave Gibraltar already and it will truly be the strong British online casinos that will be online.

Online Gambling UK vs USA

In the UK there is already a gambling culture that is highly based on football, where you have betting anywhere in the country. There are currently more than 9000 betting shops across the country, most of which consist of a brand that has a strong online presence, including William Hill, Ladbrokes and Coral. In the United States, betting on sports is very popular, but everything happens on the black markets with local bookies.

Although we are in 2017, the United States has hardly any online gambling licenses with only a small number of states that offer it despite the UIGEA Act established in 2006, which makes online payment processing illegal, but not the gambling online itself. If the United States accepted the United Kingdom’s online gambling license model, they could easily get tax on an activity that occurs in the black market and makes it easier to maintain and control.


UKGC ADR – Accredited Dispute Settlement

Now the ADR system for player disputes is not perfect, but it is much more useful to players than any other system or solution service offered by another online gambling licensing agency. If players have complaints in another jurisdiction, the operator pays direct license fees to the body considering the complaint. This may cause the player to feel like a prejudice to them.

The UKGC’s ADR system is responsible for managing complaints to independent third parties with relevant industry experience. The system needs more work because the number of approved bodies can be confusing to players, but the opposite is that the system can choose the player to choose which body is considering their complaint. The POGG offers a casino complaint and dispute resolution service that has helped recover from over $ 500,000 to date.

Overall, the UK licensing system is not only one of the oldest but one of the best and it is an ideal licensing model that other countries should consider. It’s only a matter of time before each country has a law that regulates or prohibits online gambling. Regulatory responsibility is responsible for maintaining the laws in a reasonable manner and protecting the interests of the players in that country. The United States is very behind here and there seems to be no regulated online gambling in the near future, as too many interest groups and lobbying fight each other while nothing is achieved.

The United Kingdom has done the best of Regulatory responsibility is responsible for maintaining the laws in a reasonable manner and protecting the interests of the players in that country. The United States is very behind here and there seems to be no regulated online gambling in the near future, as too many interest groups and lobbying fight each other while nothing is achieved. The United Kingdom has done the best of The United Kingdom has done the best work of self-control without forcing the extremes of internet service providers to ban websites. When this happens, you have privacy groups that are dirty.


Everyone wants these regulatory agencies to work but run in a fair manner without violating conflicts of interest or privacy laws. Any other country that wants to create their first set of online gaming laws and licensing organizations does not have to look further than the United Kingdom to see how it should be done.

If you live in Baltimore, Maryland, you may or may not be aware of a unique cultural action known as hacking. Hack cabins have decades of history, which are recognized in the day of Uber and Lyft. But unlike these big companies and their successful apps, hacking is completely decentralized, unregulated and (honest) illegal. Yet it meets and is important in concentrated urban areas, much like Baltimore’s famous.

A hack cabin is just a regular car driven by a regular person who is willing to pay a ride for paying if someone signs him or her. The signal is a simple hand gesture that you get to know on Baltimore’s streets if you know what to look for. Just like a taxi with a raised hand or a strange drive with stranger facing your street towards the street, hacking is really a combination of both. It pays a ride for pay. And people do it every day.

It is especially useful in food deserts where car traffic is rare. It’s more efficient than a bus or subway station, and it’s exactly where you need to go, not just near the stop. The price is negotiable and varies from driver to driver. However, there are disadvantages for the non-official industry, which are being corrected by modern car dealerships.


Uber, Lift, and ZipCar are in some ways improvements because they are regulated and taxed. Each driver is responsible for their actions by a higher authority. Each rider is accounted for and taken over from their own mobile device. The tariffs are set before we start with a new driver, and a review can be left out after a good or bad service from a driver.

At places like Baltimore, some hack drivers have switched the Lift. In many cases the riders and routes are the same, but the effort and income potential are not. Hack cabbing was never an incredibly profitable job, and while few people would try to make a full-time job hacking, driving can be companies.

These technological changes make it possible for driving licenses to make a reliable income. And the interests of the driver are taken into account by the terms of the business structure. Car rental plans are standard and safe, and drivers always know where they stand. It is also better for riders who do not worry about unsafe vehicles, potentially dangerous independent drivers and numerous other uncertainties.


The widespread applications of these technologies, which also add a huge amount of competition to the driving space. It is yet another example of technology that adds efficiency and convenience to an existing industry.

Nevertheless, there would be no Uber or Lift without decades of old services such as hacking. Hacking emerged as a necessary phenomenon for people who could not afford cars or standard taxi rates.

Practice has not disappeared, simply because the car sharing services are rising. Although irregular and (some say) unsafe, burglary is still the fastest and most affordable way to get a ride in a place like Baltimore. As long as his services are needed, it will continue to flourish.

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