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If you have not found what you’re looking for in our guide for the best equestrian sports sites, you can find what you’re looking for here. At we strive to answer all the important questions asked by punters, after reading the rules and permutations, you know what they say ‘knowledge is power’.

We have been informed and expert perspectives on all races that meet your needs as a dot. Find all you need to explain Rule 4 and Dead Heats to guide history, betting controversies and more.

Horse Racing Bookmakers

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Bookies would think that Horse Racing in the United Kingdom pioneered in the UK that it would be an entry level requirement that all betting sites would have a good horse racing book. That is not true. At we do not accept all bets for the same reasons and therefore we list the top bookmakers of the sports they are best at and their features. Find the best equestrian sportsmen in our equestrian guide.

How to Bet On Horse Races

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Equestrian Guide 2Over comprehensive guide for horse riding sports, you have everything you need to know to give a great deal of value to your bet. Whether you’re a complete beginner or having a regular experience, you’ll find something you did not know about betting on sports.

In our Betting Guide, we set the start prices, favorites, best guarantee, disqualification and non-runners, ante-post betting, tote pole, racing cards and more.

Flat and National Hunt Degrees, Groups and Classes

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Hr1Head your head around all different ranks, classes and groups in horse races, resembling a mountain to climb for the unmanned people, especially given that they are different for flat and jumping (National Hunt) racing. However, once you understand the basic concepts, the system is fairly straightforward. In this article you will find details about all categories and types in the British horse racing today.

Top Horse Races, Meetings & Festivals

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Top races do not miss any of the best horse breeds in the United Kingdom with our extensive list of major gatherings and races. Whether it’s the flat season or the spring season, there is a high-quality horse race to look forward to. We talk about the five classic flat races, the St Leger, Epsom Derby, Oaks and 1000 and 2000 Guineas, as well as the top festivals like Cheltenham, Royal Ascot and the Champions Day and of course forget the Aintree Grand National and more.

Horse Racing Terminology

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Hr The sport of horse races seems to be complicated at the amateur bettor with its various terminologies, from top to fillies and degrees to Ginneas. In this section, we explain all aspects that you need to know to watch and bet on the nights. We discuss flat racing and National Jump races, distances, races, numbers and classes, basic terms, shape, handicapping and other types and terms.

History Of Horse Races

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History Discover the origins of the kings from ancient Egyptians to modern times. Horses and people have a longer history than any other animal, which culminates today in one of the world’s largest and richest sports. We will tell you about the early history of King James I, the ban on sport by Oliver Cromwell, the role of Queen Anne and Ascot, the formation of the Jockey Club and the classics where jumping from racing comes and how riding on Horse race came over

Rule 4 Explained

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Rule 4Rule 4 is a system that allows bookmakers to win profits when non-runners are announced on horse and dog races, as well as other events with more than two participants in a field. The rules, defined by the Tattersalls Rule of Racing for all horse races, are designed to protect bookies with a retracted selection. Deductions are based on the odds of the withdrawn selection and may range from no reduction for a 14/1 + withdrawal to 90% deduction in profit if a 1/9 or longer odds selection is withdrawn.

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