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Looking for a new way to record bingo in your life? Maybe you're bored and you have to do something. There are definitely some interesting bingo games out there and even if you do not try, you will get at least one kick out of the concepts.

In Chicago, people go to the Veggie Bingo event. Players are going to play bingo while enjoying free hot dogs and winning prizes from local farmers and food companies. The game is called indoors, but players are welcome to take out their $ 4 bingo card, hotdog and beer to join the patio. This can be unusual, but it's a great way to make aware of the importance of supporting local products and food producers.

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Drag Queen Bingo may not be wacky but it's definitely a fun experience. Men dressed up to nine as women called out bingo numbers and this is known not only in the United States but also in the United Kingdom. There are also games that take the fun with drag queen who throw away sexually explicit points to players as prizes. Not only will you experience a unique bingo game, but you will also leave with a decent education! Next is an interesting game called People Bingo.

It has been described as a great way to break the ice among groups of people. You want to place this game with a larger group. Use regular bingo cards to write down the characteristics of the people in the group, whether it's stuff or clothing. The group has 30 minutes to get to know each other and to fill in their cards for a bingo.

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Other fun forms of bingo games can be found online by downloading maps. Print the cards and play the game in any way. Heaven is the limit when you create your own bingo games at home, or you add unique vibrations in a funny way. Good luck and enjoy your quest for wacky bingo games around the world. What is the most unique way you played or heard?

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