To give you insight into what the more unique types of reel symbols are associated with a series of slot games, we've compiled a set of guides that deal with that topic. If you are new to playing online games, we encourage you to take a look through each of these guides, because you learn a lot! In this guide, we focus our efforts to let you know that there are bonus symbols.

You will find bonus roll symbols that are connected to three game keys, progressive slots and also video slot games and as such it is important that you know how they work and what they can do A bonus symbol is simply a reel symbol that will activate a bonus game or bonus feature when you run in the required amount.


The vast majority of these types of symbols will need to match the roles, but on active pay lines when you need more than one of them to start a bonus game. However, like all the more unusual rule symbols, as they can change the bonus games linked to a slot, it changes from machine to machine. With that in mind, we will now let you know how the most common bonus symbols and some of the more unique that will lead to the bonus games and bonus features associated with each online slots game.

Beta Line Bonus Symbols – The most common bonus symbols that are associated with many video games are those bonus symbols that must in a certain way match the activated paylines of a slot before a bonus game is awarded.

These types of slot machines usually require the first bonus symbol landing on an active payline on real number 1 and then landing the remaining number of bonus symbols on consecutive roles.


When a slot offers such a bonus player with bonus symbols, the more paylines you have actually used, the better your chance of winning the bonus game. With that in mind always try and in the game each running line offer such a slot because that ensures you will never miss having a set of bonus symbols on an active payline!

First and Last Reel Bonus Symbols – Some slot games have only a bonus symbol on the first and last reels and the way you activate these slot games, respective bonus features, turn both of the two symbols on the first and roll at the same time or by them To be seen in the same reel positions on the first and last rolls.


These types of slot games are a little more exciting to play because you want to see the first bonus symbols first and then have to wait until all other roles have stopped to run before you find out whether the bonus game has been awarded to you through the bonus Symbol at the last coil! find the more info visit at  King Jackpot

Single Reel Bonus Symbols – You will notice that many of the old-fashioned classic three-reel classic slots on which you can play a bonus game have only a bonus symbol and it's usually the final role that those bonus symbols should be found.

When playing this type of slot, you must set the maximum amount of coins per game if that bonus game allocation slot is a single payline slot and once you do if you turn into the desired bonus symbol, then the bonus will be awarded immediately. To you as the symbol, the son pays on the selected coil. It should be noted that older stylish three-reel games offering a bonus game usually offer a very basic type of bonus feature, such as a spin-type bonus game, so keep that in mind.


In Bonus Symbols – Some bonus games that grant slot machines have bonus symbols that are just like scatter symbols and as such you will notice that when you have spun the minimum required amount of those reel symbols, wherever the bonus game will be activated and assigned to you. Some point-of- sale bonus symbols will also allow an extra cash payout when you earn the required amount of them and that bonus will be paid in addition to everything you're lucky to win through the bonus game.

Middle Three Spool Bonus Symbols – A number of slot games that offer more than one bonus game have a set of bonus game symbols. These symbols tend to function as scatter symbols and as such activate the bonus game. In each slot game they are linked, you must rotate all three of them in two,  three and four in a single game.


The actual types of bonus games that can and will be varied with these mid-reel bonus symbols can usually be transformed, but usually free spins are included, and often you choose to win a stylish bonus game because you get a multi functional bonus feature that A mix of A choice to win a bonus game and a set of free spins!

If you play a slot machine with bonus symbols in the game on the roles of that slot, it is best advised to click on the paytable button because you get an overview of how to activate the bonus games attached to those symbols and how the bonus games actually play and pay.

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