We always see a gambler win and they are on cloud nine, but if they are on a loose streak, they go to the hills because they are as sour as day old milk!Winning is great when we shout out of the rooftops “look at my mom, I’m at the top of the world” but losing is not one of our favorite ideas to have a good time.

I like to compare the ups and downs with gambling to a rose. The petals are soft, aromatic and beautiful, but the thorns will put your finger. To appreciate the beauty there must be an element of the disadvantage.Imagine a world where everything was perfect and any online Casino site were you a winner on any game? Now I now know what you think ‘works for me’? But how can we ever appreciate the finer things in life if everything was always a bed of roses.

There is nothing more exciting than losing a loose line and winning. It must be the highest height for each gambler.And should we really complain if we lose? Gaming is a gamble. A gambler is a risk carrier, which means that although the chance of this can be stacked and the house has the edge, it is still a risk worth taking.

Why hate us to lose and to spoil if we know that losing is a chance. For the most part, a gambler is complex. A gambler is in order to win it and they have a very competitive advantage. It is about the territory of each player. Without that competitive line, half of the voltage would be missing.The name of the game is about winning and losing and there is no other way to get around. So the next time you know about losing, just forget, that winning Casino will make so much more exciting.


Progressive Jackpots, Jackpot Slots, Instant Profits are what makes every loss worth losing because the high is the right each time. So pick up the dauber, pull the tab on Instant Games and spin those rolls and you will not always win, but part of the time!  I say, give me the thorns with every rose, except no one ever promised us a rose garden

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