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Here in the UK, online gambling is available to anyone of legal age who want to try their luck.
This makes online gambling the enjoyment of real risk possible – and maybe you can win real money – always and everywhere there is an internet connection available. With the constant availability of online gambling, however, the potential of addiction has become greater than ever. Few forms of entertainment can offer more fun than a hand of online poker or a few spiders of online roulette wheel – in moderation. If you want to play safely online, let’s give you some tips.

British laws for online gambling

In general, online gambling is legal for all UK people 18 years or older according to the 1963 Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act. All casinos – even those outside the United Kingdom – must be from the British Gambling Commission. In short, it is the responsibility of the Gambling Commission to ensure that casinos play fair and not connected with organized crime. More importantly, a license from the Gambling Commission ensures that a casino pays tax as it should. According to the 2014 Gambling (Licensing and Advertising Act), even overseas casinos should pay a tax of 15 percent on British gambling income. The advantage for you is that gambling profits in the United Kingdom are tax-free.

In short, to play legally online in the United Kingdom, you must:

Be 18 years or older.
Gambling in a casino licensed by the British Gambling Commission.
Proof of your identity at the casino if requested.

Why do online casinos need evidence to identify from British gamers? According to the Money Laundering Regulations of 2007, casinos must take the necessary care to verify the identity of all gamblers in order to avoid the risk of gamblers getting money from fake identities. So, if you are asked to provide a copy of your driving license before making a deposit at an online casino, do not be afraid – it’s the law.

Keep healthy relationships with online gambling potential for addictive behavior exists in all forms of gambling. However, many forms of gambling require leaving the house and that is a bit of a limiting factor. An online casino is always open and ready to take your bets. For some, the compulsion is to try to resist ‘only one bet’ in a losing line too strong to resist.

The signs of possible gambling addiction include:

Hide your family’s habit or lie about the amount of money you spend
More bet than you can afford to lose

Spend an excessive amount of time thinking about gambling when you have more urgent tasks
Avoid friends and family or turn off when someone suggests you may have a gambling problem

Gambling, online or otherwise, has the potential to cause permanent damage to your relationships with family and friends. Here we want some advice that can help you recognize the signs of unhealthy gambling before it goes too far.

Difficulty in the moment
Mark your friends and family on a particular link when they talk to you – even about serious topics? Do not you find yourself able to enjoy time with loved ones, because you’d rather gamble online? If you’re having trouble enjoying the daily activities you’ve had fun before discovering online gambling, try to fix that behavior by remembering that online gambling is not your real life – it’s just a distraction. You probably do not avoid loving your loved ones when watching movies or playing video games. There is no reason to avoid them in online gambling.

Ask lovers to cover your debts

Have you ever made a financial binder for yourself by playing more than you could afford to lose? If you ever earned so much gambling debt that you could not pay your personal expenses – or you just need a little more money to get your next winning line – you’ve spent an unhealthy amount of gambling. If you have the need to ask your family or friends for a loan to cover your debts, you risk the problem by limiting your personal relationships. According to a BBC survey of 2013 [1], 18 percent of the British feel like they have serious financial problems. If almost one in five people you know cannot afford to borrow money to you, how do you think that would feel if you asked them to help you? It is possible to find a place for online gambling within a healthy entertainment budget. If you do not want to spend comfortably spending a certain amount of money when attending a soccer match or watching a movie, do not spend it on gambling.

Angry feel when asked to return loans
Have you ever borrowed money from a friend or family member and got angry when you wish to return – even if you do not need the money, except to fund future gambling? If you ever had online gambling habits that you needed to seek a loan – and earn enough money to repay the loan, you’re very happy. The gambling would not be gambling if there was no chance of it. Do not solve the problem at all and further impede your relationship by keeping back the money that you owe. Repair the loan and stop gambling until you can afford the potential losses.

Feeling the need to perform for public

Have you ever played online for family or friends and felt uncontrollable anger because you experience a lost line? Perhaps those feelings led you to continue betting, although you could not really afford to do that. Although you should not hide your loved ones online gambling, it is important to recognize and stop the seeds of compulsive behavior before major problems arise. If you’ve made a loss for friends, slide it off and move on to another activity. Taking into account the probability, there would probably have been the same with one of them.

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