Do you know? Bingo can be a risky business

Have you ever thought about what is in your own bingo hall? Okay, so it’s no thought that exceeds our heads every day, but think about it. There are so many aspects to running a club. It’s not as simple as calling numbers and paying out money. There are staff to hire, bills to pay and the responsibilities of the management of the property. Oh and let’s not forget about safety and security. That’s a bigger deal than you would think.

A story has recently hit the news about a bingo club that hit a very fine fine because it did not have good security procedures. Here is the scoop. An employee of a British bingo hall called Beacon Bingo Ltd. Was another staff member who had a forklift truck. The employee’s identity was not released, but one of them was hit by the forklift while the operator was helped by placing a heavy slot machine. He did not end up at the hospital once but twice. Do not worry, however, he has made a complete recovery since.

This is what it is about. Now the bingo hall is responsible for some serious costs. The city council has prosecuted the bingo hall for four charges in connection with the accident that the owner has blamed. Courts have only consulted for an hour and the result was £ 7,500 for each of the four costs. The bingo hall was also obliged to pay £ 6.300 to the cost of the town and a victim surcharge of £ 20. Ultimately, the bingo hall must pay a total of £ 36,320 in fines.

How did the bingo hall owner feel about the incident? He was actually very apologetic and felt bad about one of the bingo staff members on the job. Given the number of business owners who try to pay for occupational accidents, this is very refreshing.

There is quite a bingo hall in progress and what seems like such a simple game comes with great responsibility. Who knew that bingo could be such a risky company?