All Casino SiteAfter a long wait and a successful beta test, Destiny 2 is almost on us. The follow-up of Bungie’s hugely popular sci-fi shooter has been feverishly anticipated, especially given the strong increase in the quality of the original game as soon as the developer expires along a difficult launch. As an ever evolving, persistent world, Destiny has kept his players busy with a lot of improvements and extensions. About 30 million people have played Destiny at some point, while millions are still active today. The game will come to an end, with the last event Age of Triumph, who recently brought the curtain to his players. But not long! With Destiny 2’s release immediately, here’s the new launch trailer and all you need to know.

When does it come out and what platforms are it going to be?

All Casino SiteDestiny 2 will release on September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One and October 24 for PC.

Wait, pc?

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Yep! While the first Destiny remained console only, it will follow the PC, but a few weeks later. The game will be available from Battle.Net, Blizzard’s distribution platform for games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch. Bungie insists that the PC version has received the attention, while NVidia released a trailer, running the game at 4K resolution and 60FPS. Swish for more info New Casino Sites UK

What’s the story this time?

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Destiny 2 seems to be a story in narrative terms, as well as mechanics, with recurring characters like Cayde in a whole new story. I will send it to the official Destiny 2 blurb to give you the details: “The last safe city of man has fallen into an overwhelming invading force led by Ghaul, the emerging commander of the brutal Red Legion. He removed the city’s guards from their power and forced the survivors to flee. You wait for mysterious undiscovered worlds of our solar system to discover an arsenal of weapons and discover devastating new combat skills. To defeat the Red Legion and confront Ghaul, you must reunite the scattered heroes of humanity, stand together and return to get our house back. “So you jump from planet to planet, shoot up things and do that sweet, nice booty. It sounds familiar, but would you like it another way? And if the trailers are doing something, it seems that more attention Spend making Destiny’s world more accessible and less loud in the tone. Although you do not want Bungie to complete his grandeur completely.

The beta gave us a glimpse of this with the first mission of the game, with versatile cut scenes that end a more focused mission. The rogue of the piece, the monstrous Dominus Ghaul, is a great antagonist. At the end of the first mission, he already tortured and exposed you. We all need a good bad man to fight.
Will my character and fool pass the first game?

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Yes and no. But usually no. Players who achieved Level 20 and completed the “Black Garden” mission in the original game will continue their race, gender and appearance. However, equipment and competencies will be erased. In a blog post, the developer said, “Destiny 1 power, possessions, and Eververse-related items and currency will not be passed. We know that, like us, you are appreciated by the Guardians you created so we plan to Specifically, the class, race, gender, face, hair and mark selections for all characters. “Bungie does not completely let you in the transfer, but offers Destiny 1 veterinarian with exclusive emblems.

Bungie Carte Blanche is restricted to their follow-up, while no longer breaking down potential new (or expired) players for the sequel. “We believe this is the best way,” Bungie said. “It enables us to introduce the great progress and improvements we all expect from a sequel to make it the best game we can create unmatched by the past and read best review about Best Casino Sites.

What gameplay tweaks and improvements can we expect?

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Guardians who blown their way through the beta will know that Bungie’s shooting is as good as ever. Fast, firm and provided with a wonderful sense of fizzing feedback. That is to be expected. So what does the head in the game change over the different ways.

New subclasses and skills

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Perhaps amazing, Bungie does not add any new top class classes that fit with the well-known three of Hunter, Warlock and Titan. Instead, Bungie revealed a new subclass for each type of Guardian: the Arcstrider Hunter, Dawnblade Warlock and the Sentinel Titan. That’s the head but all Destiny subclasses have been renewed – from Gunslinger to Sunsinger – giving a total of 12 unique playstars, with their own skill trees, equipment and new special skills. While there is enough to discover as soon as you dive, here’s a short list of the latest subclasses.

Arcstrider An athletic hunter with a bad gamut in evasive maneuvers that has a devastating electrified staff as super power.

Dawnblade This Warlock has a nice line of healing, but can also control solar power to enter a giant flaming sword for its super power. So the best of both worlds really.
Sentinel A tower-high Titan tribute to Captain America, sees Sentinel’s superpower to throw a shield. And use to block, if absolutely necessary. Can also call energy barriers for its special class power

Changes in weapons

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In the original game, weapons were designated as Primary, Special and Heavy, so that at one point you could wear one of each. These slots have been branded again to keep a well-known three-weapon system, but offer theorists more flexibility in their discharge. The new weapon types are Kinetic, Energy and Power. As before, you can only have one of each type.

Kinetic weapons will essentially be your primary, a ballistic weapon without special features to speak of, except that it’s good to kill strangers. A reliable gun, hand gun or SMG to take down bad guys with the minimum pump or condition.

Energy weapons are of a similar type, but can be ignored with elemental properties; Sunburn (fire), arc (electricity), emptiness and so on. In theory, this would give you more opportunities to build your own combinations, using elementary features to deliver shields before you switch to the primary to finish the job.

Force weapons have already been the major hitters of the game in one group. So you hail guns, sniper rifles and grenade launchers.
Planets and cities are closer … and you do not have to jump to a menu to travel there

There are four planets revealed for Destiny 2: Earth, Titan, Io and Nessus. The action on Earth has moved from Ancient Russia to the ‘European Dead Zone’, a major stage for the Red Legion. Bungie says it’s the biggest she ever built. This will also be the location of one of Destiny 2’s social areas, complete with football pitch and chickens as you join other

Guardians and accept quests.

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In addition to the usual beauty, Bungie has promised that his locations are closer and more characterful. And maybe best of all, you do not have to return to the job menu to travel between the planets. “We want to remove so many obstacles as we can between your gun and the enemy’s face,” says Luke Smith, game director on Destiny 2. Amen.

Right clans and guided games

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The first fate had clans of a kind, more known as ‘groups’. This is extensive for the sequel, allowing players to tackle clans of up to 100 to fight. You have more options than the original groups, including the new “Guides”, which allows clans to fill in the missing slots on their team with like-minded solo players when touching Raids. This benefits both the clans and players who want to access some of the most difficult content of the game while playing alone.

Is there a beta?

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Console players have already had their beta, and also very good. Here you can see our full impressions of the test run. However, there will be a beta on PC that starts on August 29th. You can download the beta client from Battle.Net. Those who have pre-ordered the game can redeem their delivered code on the Bungie website to open the beta 24 hours early.

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